Are you struggling during the holiday season?
Therapy can help with…

路 Anticipating Difficult Holiday Interactions
路 Managing Difficult Conversations During the Holidays
路 Avoiding Holiday Burnout
路 Creating A Better Holiday
路 Coping with Spending the Holidays Alone
路 Do You Try Too Hard to Please Others During the Holidays?
路 Coping with Difficult Days After a Loss
路 Coping with Holiday Stress Following Divorce or Separation
路 Do You Have the Holiday Blues?
路 Coping with Family Drama During the Holidays
路 Coping with Family Estrangement During the Holidays
路 Managing ADHD During the Holiday Season
路 Staying Sober During the Holidays
路 Coping with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
路 Reflecting on Past Accomplishments and Setting Goals for the New Year

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馃枻 Why it鈥檚 okay to grieve when a public figure dies.

When a public figure dies, you may feel guilty for grieving for someone you didn't know and embarrassed that others may judge you. But it's a totally normal way to feel; death is sad.

It can be helpful to allow yourself to express your feelings to try not to worry about what others might think. This is your grief; your feelings are unique to you.

Our reactions to a famous death can also be compounded by the knowledge that lots of people around us are going through something similar, at the same time.

When there's a collective grief event, it can feel like there's more general 'permission' to feel sadness and to be openly emotional about grief in general. It can feel like a time when it's unusually socially acceptable to be openly sad and to talk about the losses in your life 鈥 recent or otherwise.

No matter how interesting we find a celebrity, or how much respect we have for a public figure, the reaction we have to their death may have more to do with ourselves than we might think.


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