Individual Therapy

Therapy can provide a well needed time out of a pressured life to sit and reflect, to unburden your heart and mind, to unravel, reconsider and make sense of your life and your relationships. To explore how experiences of the past still affect you in the present and give attention to your hopes and fears about your future.

We are our stories, our accounts of what has happened to us. It is not our memories alone that sustain a sense of personhood. The past is too multifaceted and full of details.

Our conscious control over our minds is limited, we are not merely our conscious minds. There are mental processes and choices that Freud termed unconscious. They are not only in our awareness; they are sometimes not welcome.

Being a person seems now to be much more complicated and involving than ever before, it requires discovering ourselves as well as shaping ourselves, exploring ourselves as well as controlling ourselves.

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