What exactly is communication?

Communication is at the heart of all relationships.

Many couples say that communication breakdown is one of the main reasons they’ve decided to seek counselling. Most couples, after they’ve had some counselling, report that communication between them has improved.

Communication can be described as the way we connect to other people. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It is in fact a very complicated process which most of us never deliberately learn – we just do it. The way we communicate or connect with others can have a major impact on our lives. Not only in couple relationships but in all our other relationships too.

What is good communication?

Good communication can be described as a dance between two people.

Maybe we wouldn’t all feel the same about this dance. Perhaps the setting is wrong, it’s not your kind of music, you’ve never really liked making an exhibition of yourself dancing, etc. However, if you can hang on to the idea of making the time, creating the right environment, sharing the experience, balancing the inputs, and moving together whilst doing different things, this could be a useful way of looking at the way you and your partner communicate.

Remember that communication isn’t all verbal. Consider what your body language communicates to your partner about what you’re both saying.

How I can help

If you think you need to improve your conversations, there are tips might be useful and there are various ways I can help.