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There are times in life when we all need some support, when counselling and therapy can make all the difference. I have a special interest in relationship and the dynamic between inner emotional life and interaction with the environment.

Our psychic life and loves oscillate back and forth between aloneness and connection. Both can be frightening, both are risky.

Our lives are so much with people, the quality of our relationship with others is central to the emotional quality of our lives, the very lifefulness of our lives, the texture, the tonal quality, the verve.

I have a flexible approach to the actual delivery of therapy, with space for people to come for weekly or fortnightly sessions or use therapy on a more ad hoc basis after an initial period of regular sessions to build a connection and respond to whatever brought you initially to therapy.

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🖤 Why it’s okay to grieve when a public figure dies.

When a public figure dies, you may feel guilty for grieving for someone you didn't know and embarrassed that others may judge you. But it's a totally normal way to feel; death is sad.

It can be helpful to allow yourself to express your feelings to try not to worry about what others might think. This is your grief; your feelings are unique to you.

Our reactions to a famous death can also be compounded by the knowledge that lots of people around us are going through something similar, at the same time.

When there's a collective grief event, it can feel like there's more general 'permission' to feel sadness and to be openly emotional about grief in general. It can feel like a time when it's unusually socially acceptable to be openly sad and to talk about the losses in your life – recent or otherwise.

No matter how interesting we find a celebrity, or how much respect we have for a public figure, the reaction we have to their death may have more to do with ourselves than we might think.


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A lot of rumours of extramarital affairs have plagued the royal couple. We do not know if these rumours were just merely tabloid muck or there was some trust to them, but they were able to have a long marriage and fun together.

In this picture the Queen trying not to laugh as she passes her husband (Duke of Edinburgh) in uniform.

Adam Phillips in his little naughty book ‘Monogamy’ @adamphillips writes – ‘The couple is a resistance to the intrusion of the third, but in order for it to last it is indispensable to have enemies. That is why the monogamous can’t live without them. When we are two, we are together. In order to form a couple, we need to be three.’

They were a Couple that marked 73 years of marriage.

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